For DATC 2023, we are delighted to welcome back renowned kirtan vocalist, devotional teacher, and world music artist Jahnavi HarrisonJahnavi Harrison is a musician who aims to channel her creative expression as a path to self-realisation and service. Raised in a family of Bhakti Yoga practitioners at Bhaktivedanta Manor, one of the most frequently visited and respected Hindu temples in all of Europe and one of England’s most important spiritual landmarks, her earliest memories are saturated with Sanskrit chants, devotional rituals, and joyous music. As a child she was fascinated with song and story, and has nurtured that interest through her lifelong exploration of music, dance, visual art and the written word. She trained in both Indian (Carnatic) and Western music, as well as dance, writing and the visual arts and earned her bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Creative Writing from Middlesex University.

A gifted communicator, Jahnavi also presents regularly for BBC Radio.

She released her debut album, ‘Like a River to the Sea’ in July 2015, and features on the Grammy nominated ‘Bhakti Without Borders’ charity album (2016).

For almost two decades, she has travelled the world, offering her voice and violin playing in the performance of sacred music and call-and-response mantra chant (kirtan) through gatherings, concerts, sound baths and workshops. With the hope to make mantra music accessible and relevant to a wider audience through a variety of events and retreats, she co-founded Kirtan London, a dynamic project that continues to inspire and connect with people of diverse backgrounds. Jahnavi’s sound encompasses rich influences of East and West, and aims to offer an experience which truly nourishes the spirit.

Student Presenters

We have been delighted to also feature presentations by NAACHO, Princeton University’s premier South Asian dance company. Learn more about NAACHO here.We have often been joined by Princeton Swara, the university’s classical singing and music ensemble. PU Swara features student presenters—some well-versed in Hindustani and Carnatic musical styles, others exploring a newfound love of these classical Indian music forms—raising their voices in a spirit of devotion. Connect with PU Swara here.

In addition, we are grateful for a number of individual student presenters who have shared their talents, reflections, and hearts with us at Diwali at the Chapel over the years.

Special Guest Artists (Past Years)

In past years, we have been honored to host special guest artists to present their devotional offerings. Guests have included:

  • Gaura Vani 
  • AKS + Lakshmi (Eclipse Nirvana)
  • The Mayapuris
  • Karnamrita Dasi
  • Dhanya Rico