Support DATC

We are committed to keeping Diwali at the Chapel a free event, but we need your help and sponsorship to make that happen.

Diwali at the Chapel is the largest single event hosted by the Hindu Life Program at Princeton University. We are so happy that we have been able to offer this beautiful celebration as a service to the community for more than ten years now, and hope to continue to do so. The event is absolutely free to attend, requires no ticketing, and is open to one and all. In past years, we have hosted close to one thousand people for this Diwali celebration in a single night.

The university equips the Hindu Life Program with a modest budget to host this event, but the celebration has grown well beyond that budget. We are now dependent on community support to keep this annual tradition going.

We are delighted to offer you a wonderful gift as a token of our gratitude for your support. From Darkness, Lead Us to Light is a commemorative book of spiritual reflections on Diwali, drawn from talks given at the Diwali at the Chapel celebration. Written by Vineet and beautifully illustrated by acclaimed Indian-American artist Rukmini Poddar, this limited edition book is a treasure house of devotion and wisdom.

How to contribute:

  • Via Credit Card:
    • Visit this link.
    • Fill in the amount you would like to give.
    • In the special instructions/comments section, paste the following: I would like 100% of this gift to benefit the Hindu Life Program (HLP) within the Office of Religious Life for the annual Diwali at the Chapel celebration. Thank you.
    • Fill out the credit card information, and confirm/submit.
    • Drop us a line at and let us know your contribution and where we send you a thank you note and your gift book.
  • Via Check:
    • Make your check payable to “Princeton University” with “Hindu Life Program – Diwali at the Chapel” in the memo line.
    • Mail to: Vineet Chander, Murray Dodge Rm. 207, Princeton, NJ 08544


Here is a general overview of the annual budget for this event. Please consider sponsoring one or more of these areas, or—if you are unable to do that—contributing toward some portion of them.

  • Guest Presenters – $4000
  • Decor – $2000
  • Staging – $2000
  • Lights and Sound – $1500
  • Advertising – $3000
  • Building Services – $1000
  • Supplies – $1200
  • Misc. Fees and Expenses – $500

TOTAL = $15,200

You may sponsor one or more of these expenses, or contribute any amount to help toward our event, by contacting us at Checks should be made payable to Princeton University, with Hindu Life Program Diwali in the memo line. 

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support. We cannot host this amazing celebration without you!