Welcome to the website of Diwali at the Chapel at Princeton University.

We had a lovely celebration on Saturday, November 12; thank you for joining us.

We’ve uploaded the audio from our celebration and created a Diwali 2016 playlist on our SoundCloud page. There are 17 amazing tracks; listen to the whole event in the order of presentations, or jump around to your favorites.


Please explore the rest of this website to learn more about the holiday behind the celebration and how it has come to be joyously celebrated in the historic Princeton University Chapel. You can also find out more about our special guest presenters. Need driving directions or information about parking? Find out more here. Diwali at the Chapel is a free event and is open to all. We need your support to keep it that way! Please find out how you can help to contribute toward this annual event.

Please email us at hindu@princeton.edu if you need any further information.